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America’s most exclusive and unique high-end fabrics

Express your creative individuality with Touch Textiles

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We are the true creatives of the fabric industry

Constantly innovating original textures and mixing fresh hues to deliver the most exclusive and unique fabrics on the market.


For orders of 30+ yards per item

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Snuggle Solids


Fall in love with autumn


A female-led business, we are guided by intuition and instinct.

We collaborate with other avant-garde creatives who have a vision to innovate, inspire and influence the textile marketplace.

There is a magic in starting small and working your way up. If you believe the rumor, Touch Textiles started out in 1995, on the corner of 9th Street in the heart of the fabric district, selling jackets out of a box that fell off the back of a truck.* Since then we’ve worked tirelessly to help our customers express creative individuality. As the founding mothers of the Minky (high-pile polyester fabric) industry, we are constantly innovating with textures and hues to deliver the most exclusive and unique fabrics on the market. But there’s more to us than fabric. (*And more to that story!)

Why choose us

We’re creatives at heart, just like you

Seeing what you create with our fabrics encourages us to be bold in what we create for you.

Refreshingly human

We exist to support our customers and our community. Outgoing, fun, responsive – you can feel our smiles even when you can’t see them.

Design excellence

Our team of designers bring together experiences from fashion, interior design and other art forms to maximize our creativity and knowledge.

Aspiring greatness

We’re motivated by our desire to achieve greatness – and we know you are too. Perfection may be impossible but we can always try.

Creative collaboration

Collaborating with our customers on wholesale, retail and custom orders is an important part of our creative process.

Order with ease

Bring your ideas to life with orders that flow with ease. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Community giving

The only way to make a difference is to be part of the solution, giving back to our roots and supporting our community.


The fur may be faux, the customer feedback is not.


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