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Innovative original prints and touchable textiles

Realize your creative vision with exclusive American retail fabric available by the yard


Get creative with our exclusive fabric range

We love creating original textures, exclusive prints and fresh hues so you can express your creative individuality!

Looking for exclusive prints and unique textures for your next crafting project? As the founding mothers of the original plush faux fur, we bring you the most incredible range of soft pile fabrics so that you can make the coziest creations full of love! Start planning your next project today with our signature Silky Minky and Snuggles fabric range in breathtaking hues and fascinating textures. Our range of exclusive prints come to life when paired with our super soft Minky – an amazing silky touch fabric that is perfect for quilting, throws, apparels, home accents, children’s accessories, pet items and more! Let’s get creative!

Retail FAQs

Our retail fabric ordering process is simple

If you have any questions, our amazing team is always here to help.

Where can I find Touch Textile's retail store?

Head on over to www.ezfabricinc.com where you can shop all our fabrics by the yard!

Why should I shop retail?

If you are looking for an exact yardage quantity or your order is less than 30 yards, our retail store will be the better option for you. Orders are fulfilled by the yard, which allows us to cut just the right amount for you every time!

Our retail store also carries a wide selection of beautiful Silky Minky prints. Browse through our extensive print library, and find the perfect complement to your Snuggle!

What does "by the yard" mean?

“By the yard” means that every order is sold on a yard-to-yard basis and cut to order.

Can I order a retail product for wholesale?

Yes! If you would like to order more than 30 yards of a retail product, please contact us at hello@touchtextilesla.com.

Why choose us

We’re creatives at heart, just like you

Seeing what you create with our fabrics encourages us to be bold in what we create for you.

Refreshingly human

We exist to support our customers and our community. Outgoing, fun, responsive – you can feel our smiles even when you can’t see them.

Design excellence

Our team of designers bring together experiences from fashion, interior design and other art forms to maximize our creativity and knowledge.

Aspiring greatness

We’re motivated by our desire to achieve greatness – and we know you are too. Perfection may be impossible but we can always try.

Creative collaboration

Collaborating with our customers on wholesale, retail and custom orders is an important part of our creative process.

Order with ease

Bring your ideas to life with orders that flow with ease. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Community giving

The only way to make a difference is to be part of the solution, giving back to our roots and supporting our community.


The fur may be faux, the customer feedback is not.

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